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‘AMLITO’ dolls draw fans on streets of San Francisco

California-based AMLOvers – as admirers of President López Obrador are known – are in luck this week: miniature representations of the president in doll form are on sale in San Francisco.

Vendors have been selling the so-called “AMLITO” (little AMLO) dolls on the streets of the picturesque city, where the APEC Leaders’ Summit is underway.

AMLO himself has been gifted several “AMLITOS.” (Daniel Augusto/Cuartoscuro)

The El Universal newspaper reported that the buck-toothed AMLITOS are going for US $30-70 depending on the version.

The most popular – and most expensive – doll is the “AMLITO parlante,” or talking AMLITO, according to one vendor.

“They’re the ones people are buying the most,” he told El Universal.

As the name indicates, the talking AMLITO utters some of AMLO’s favorite sayings when pressed in the abdomen area, including his oft-repeated phrase “for the good of all, the poor come first.

Mexicans hanging around the APEC Summit venue hoping to catch a glimpse of López Obrador have snapped up the AMLITOS, even though they’re being sold at considerably higher prices than in Mexico.

“AMLITOS” can be found in a growing number of stores in Mexico City. (Victoria Valtierra Ruvalcaba/Cuartoscuro)

“We love him,” said one Mexican woman holding up an AMLITO dressed in the uniform of a Mexican National Lottery niño gritón, or shouting child.

“We buy AMLITOS wherever we can because we want to have everything related to the president,” she told El Universal.

With reports from El Universal 

Got 1 min? ‘AMLITO’ dolls draw fans on streets of San Francisco

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