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Domestic air travel continues to boom in Mexico

In August, over 5.9 million passengers flew on domestic flights, Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco Marqués reported, making it the busiest month for domestic air travel in Mexico this year. 

With a total monthly capacity of 7.2 million seats, the occupancy rate reached 83%, the highest figure reported for 2023.

Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco Marqués reported that 80.5 million seats have been scheduled on domestic flights so far this year, an 8.4% increase over 2022. (Edgar Negrete Lira/Cuartoscuro)

According to Torruco, 80.5 million seats on domestic flights have been filled so far this year, which represents an 8.4% increase from 2022. 

Volaris and Viva Aerobus led the way

The two airlines with the highest number of scheduled seats on domestic routes are Volaris and Viva Aerobus. Volaris holds 38.7% of the total occupied seats while Viva Aerobus has 32.6%. Together, they provide 57.4 million seats, which is equivalent to 71.4% of the national market.

Torruco said that the number of passengers on domestic flights in the first eight months of the year surpassed 42.2 million.

A volaris aircraft
Volaris holds 38.7% of the total domestic seat capacity, making it the leading national airline. (Volaris/Instagram)

Cancún, Mexico City and Guadalajara were the busiest airports

This year, the routes in Mexico with the highest number of scheduled seats are the following: Mexico City International Airport (AICM) to Cancún with 2.43 million seats;. Cancún to AICM with 2.42 million seats;, and AICM to Monterrey with just over 2.59 million seats. 

Meanwhile, the top three airports with the most scheduled seats on international flights to Mexico in 2023 are Cancún International Airport, AICM, and Guadalajara International Airport. Together, these three airports offer 25.6 million seats, which accounts for 73.3% of the total seat capacity.

Dallas and Los Angeles were the busiest international routes to Mexico

An American Airlines Boeing 777-300
Flights from the United States and Canada make up 75.7% of all international flight traffic to Mexico. (American Airlines)

As for international routes to Mexico, the ones with the highest number of scheduled seats are Dallas to Cancún with 702,392 seats, Los Angeles to Guadalajara with 659,297 seats, and Toronto to Cancún with 626,127 seats.

American Airlines and Aeroméxico are the two carriers with the highest number of scheduled seats for international service to Mexico in 2023. American Airlines will have 13.9% of the total share while Aeroméxico will have 12.3%. Together, they will offer a total of 9.1 million seats.

Throughout 2023, flights from the United States and Canada to Mexico will offer 26.4 million seats, which represents a 75.7% share of the international flight market.

With reports from Forbes México

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